Strange Nоіѕеѕ

Our favorite air conditioning sound is a quiet hum. If you are hearing any noise other than a quiet hum, such as clanging, clicking or whining, you probably have a problem. Perhaps the fan coil is dislodged or frayed. When you hear a suspicious sound, call a professional right away; the sound will only get worse which means a bigger problem. A noise can mean a problem with the motor, loose wiring, a broken part, out-of-balance part, the indoor blower or the outdoor fan, defective controls, a failing thermostat, condenser coil, dirty air filter, or refrigerant leaks. If the sound is chattering or rattling, it may mean your twigs or leaves have clogged the system or that the air conditioner is deteriorating, especially if it’s an older unit. Call us immediately for a professional evaluation.

Air Conditioner Outside Making Loud Buzzing Noise in Reno Carson City NV. Air Conditioning HVAC Heating Repair has technicians that will fix these problems.